Worms and Chickens

I have been inspired!  Last night I went to a viewing of the movie FRESH. It was a nice way to get out of the house, and I am passionate about making healthy food choices. I figured the discussion would be good. What I didn’t quite expect was the urge to go home and become a farmer. Actually, since I was a young girl, a big part of me has always wanted to live on a big piece of land and raise a bunch of animals. I still want that (somewhat), but I also have to face reality. The reality of my situation is that I live on a corner lot in our little town. Yeah….I don’t think that herd of cows, goats, pigs, and chickens is going to fit so well. Bummer!

I am, however, going to do what I can with what little I have. We already have a pretty rockin’ garden, so I need to look a bit deeper. Ah, yes! Deeper……the earth in which that garden grows! Vermicomposting is the solution. I have given this some thought in the past, but I think it’s time for action. As soon as the weather warms up a bit, I am going to find some worms (I still have to figure out where I might get worms) and get to composting. That worm poop (I mean, castings) is going to nourish or plants and, in turn, nourish our bodies!

The other thing I’ve been inspired to do is get some chickens. We have casually thrown the idea around, but I think maybe we should consider it a bit more seriously. We are lucky to live in a town that would actually allow chickens. So the first step is to research what we would have to do to make this a reality. My husband has had some experience raising chickens, otherwise I would feel a bit more intimidated. I am thinking that we need to figure out how many chickens we can actually have in the city limits, what kind we might be interested in, coop options, and feed options. I am excited about this! I think it will be a great way to teach our children a little work ethic as well as how to treat animals with respect. They do love eggs!

The snow and ice that we have had on the ground since the beginning of November seems like it might finally melt in the next few days. Spring may finally be around the corner! I am ready. I am refreshed, rejuvenated, and full of a million and one ideas! Here’s to learning and doing something new!

I challenge each of you to find something new to learn about and maybe even DO this spring. 😉


9 responses to “Worms and Chickens

  1. Not sure I would want chickens in my yard but hey the kids might enjoy them =) Just don’t get a rooster that wakes you up at the crack of dawn. I realized that Hannah will be 5 in September. Are you going to start k-5 with her or have you already started doing anything for preschool? Just curious. Hope you and all the kids are doing well. I enjoy reading your blog. And there is something I want to do this summer that I have been wanting to do for years. I want to learn how to can peaches and maybe a few other things. Possibly learn how to make some homemade strawberry preserves too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I’ve often wanted to have chickens and have fresh eggs. There is nothing better than a fresh egg that is still warm as it’s cracked open. mmmm I’m looking into canning and researching it right now. I can’t wait to try that. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog and finding out some things that might work for our family.

  3. You go girl! I would love to garden but I have a black thumb. I am going to plant strawberries and tomato plants to hang on the porch in those topsy turvy things. It’s my first time so pray for me!

  4. Oh how neat!! We had a screening of that movie a while back in conjunction with our CSA sign ups and loved it. I love the farmer in that movie… i want to be him when I grow up!

  5. I’ve been wanting to do that kind of composting but I’m skeerd! LOL! This is also my first year with a garden and regular compost so I’m trying to give myself grace! I’ve never heard of that movie but it looks interesting!

  6. I can’t wait to get some chickens and compost going. We’re still about 3 months out from our move so we don’t want to start now but I’m excited about it. 🙂

  7. I think it would be cool to raise chickens. And fresh eggs sound wonderful. I can’t wait for our snow to melt so I can start thinking about my garden. This will be my 3rd year and I love fresh produce.

  8. So jealous of the chicken raising! I want some but think it might be a tad frowned upon here on base. ha ha!

  9. Oh! chickens are so fun. I used to hatch chickens in my classroom…that is the one thing that most kids remember about 5th grade….waiting for the chickens to hatch. We learned a great lesson one year. The kid wanted to name the chickens before they hatched. I explained that that was not a good idea…you know “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”. Well, some of the young ladies did name the “eggs”. Low and behold…they did not hatch…there were some sad young ladies! But we learned a great lesson! I remember one year we had a really bad set of eggs…only one hatched, and he died in a couple of days. Another great lesson learned. Yes, hatching chickens and raising chickens would be a great idea…I love good fresh eggs, also. Go Girl!! Yes, spring is here and we are alive!!!!!

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