Do they have to grow up?

Seriously!   I realize that some days are really challenging in the parenting arena, but I want them to last a lot longer.  I want to be able to soak in every sincere, “I love you,” every bear hug, every sweet smile.  I want it all to linger.  I want to remember in 20 years just what those tiny hands and wet kisses feel like.  I don’t ever want to forget how Abram says “momboid” when he means “mermaid” or how “yeah” and “yep” have somehow changed into “wah” and “wep.”  I want to always be able to recall how Hannah says “cabinet” for “cabin” and “helpidoctor” for “helicopter.”  Oh, and the moments!  May I always remember how Abram adopted Pax to be his dog, how Hannah “reads” to Abram from the photo album of her birth, and how Pax gives me the biggest and sweetest smile every single time I look at him.

These days are fleeting.  I know it down to my core.  They are growing up in a flash.  I am living my childhood dreams being their mother, and I am trying each and every day to remember all of this.  My house may not be the cleanest, but I have bigger and better things to attend to right now.

And please please please someone remind me of all of this on those days when I just don’t think I can do it. This season is far to precious to have a difficult day because I am grumpy!


5 responses to “Do they have to grow up?

  1. love this post! Our kids do grow up too fast and our memories fade too quickly and in those stressed out moments of exhaustion and being at our wits end we do forget that this stage of our lives will be over too quickly. Thanks for making my day a bit better 🙂

  2. Oh Becky! I love that you have started this. I will definitely be following this new blog of yours. Hopefully one day I will have the privilege of experiences the blessings of children, as well!

  3. Becky this blog is awesome. You are an inspiration. I may have to go read your blog several times a day so I remember that these precious times will be gone before I know it. Thanks for the words of wisdom and encouragment. Hope I can return the favor sometime when you are having a not so good day =)

  4. What a joy to read! Becky, they do grow up fast. But remember someday you will rejoice in your later years as YOUR daughter-in-law writes about how she loves being a mom…..that is the real you reap the joy of your grandchildren being reared in the nurture and abomination of the Lord. I can promise you…every season has its own special joys. Our Creator has made no mistakes!!! Love the pictures…wish I could just hug them now. Can’t wait to get to know Pax!!!! Love, Edie

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